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Strong arms at the drive through and a preview!

Last week, our category managers loaded the TOO HEAVY TO LIFT VAN TOL VERSUNIE RELATIONSHIP BOX in the cars of suppliers...

A vist to our purchase fair? Choose your seat and go online!

This year you have enough time to visit our fair. There is plenty to see. You can easily place orders, save points and...

Tasty special moments? Those are the opportunities!

Leoni visits Jim Koster. An active entrepreneur with a RECRA on the Reeuwijkse Plassen and a Jumbo further in the...

Van Tol Versunie is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year and has set their foot into the future

70 years ago, on Sunday 11th April 1951, Piet Van Tol opened his store with delivery service in Lisse. A few years later...